Budu Sirbiladze


Budu Sirbiladze was born in Kutaisi on January 8th, 1937. In 1938 his family moved to Tbilisi, and between1952 and1958 Sirbiladze studied at I. Nikoladze Art School in Tbilisi, where his teachers included Kote Kiknadze, Grand Maestro Valentin Sherpilov and Gibson Khundadze. From 1958 Sirbiladze continued his studies at the State Academy of Art in Tbilisi, joining the Faculty of Painting. At the Art Academy, he studied in the studio of the renowned artist Korneli Sanadze, and his painting teacher was the distinguished artist Vasil Shukhaev. Sirbiladze graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1964. His dissertation was entitled ‘’The Granite Quarry’’. Since 1964 Sirbladze has participated in various exhibitions. In 1965 he participated in The Decade of Georgian Art in Hungary, and in 1966 The Decade of Georgian Art in Montreal (Canada). In addition to easel painting, Sirbiladze also worked in cinematography from the very beginning of his career. In 1965 he was the art director of a short feature film directed by O. Abesadze. In 1966 the 800th anniversary of the famous Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli was celebrated in Georgia. Sirbiladze took part in the exhibition dedicated to this anniversary. In 1967 his first solo exhibition was held at the House of Art Workers in Tbilisi. In 1968 his second solo exhibition was organized in the exhibition hall of the Georgian Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. In 1968 Siribiladze became a member of the Georgian Artists’ Union. In 1970 the artist’s third solo exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of ‘’Smena ‘’ magazine’s publishing house in Moscow. In 1970 Budu Sirbiladze was invited by director Soso Chkhaidze to join his film Georgian Hymns as art director. The film was a great success both in Georgia and abroad, and Sirbiladze was invited to become laureate of many film festivals. In 1971 Sirbiladze was art director of the film ‘’15th Spring ‘’ by Soso Chkhaidze. The creative relationship between director Chkhaidze and Sirbiladze continued. In 1973 Chkhaidze invited Sirbiladze to work on his film ‘’ Shepherds of Tusheti ‘’ as art director. The artistic director of the first series of the films was Sirbiladze, who was subsequently followed by Givi Vashakidze and Vakhtang Rurua . Sirbiladze worked as the main artist of Georgian State Central Television in the 1970s. Between 1973 and1974 Sirbiladze worked fruitfully in Borjomi. In the foyer of Borjomi Administrative House he created a panel painting on the theme of “Man the Creator”. In addition, a medal which illustrated an honorary citizen of Borjomi was made based on the artist’s sketch. The relief sculpture of Borjomi mineral water’s “Borjomi Water” was constructed in Borjomi. Sirbiladze’s fourth solo exhibition was held in 1981 at The Artist’s House in Tbilisi. In 1985 an album of the artist’s works was released, and in 1988 his fifth solo exhibition was organized at The Artist’s House in Tbilisi. Sirbiladze’s sixth solo exhibition was held at the exhibition hall of the Center of Georgian Culture “Mziuri” in Moscow in 1990. The artist participated in the April 9 Memorial Competition, as well as in an exhibition dedicated to the April 9 tragedy. In 1991 Sirbladze took part in an exhibition of Georgian artists held in Austria. In 1996 the seventh solo exhibition of the artist’s works was organized at the Art Gallery of Tbilisi. In 2019 the publishing house Griffon published an album of works by Sirbiladze. In 2021 an album-book of the artist’s works ‘’The Search for Color, Line, Shape and Architecture’’ has been published. From 1991 until today Sirbladze continues to act as a member of the board of the Georgian Noble Council and as the chairman of ‘’The Royal Palette’’ Association of Artists, under whose auspices many exhibitions of works by Georgian artists have been organized throughout Georgia. Sirbiladze is an Honored Artist of Georgia and continues his creative work with his usual devotion. Sirbiladze’s works are held at the Museums in Georgia, as well in the private collections in Georgia, Russia, Europe and USA.

Still life in the balcony in the village Tezeri - Oil, Cardboard - 70,5 x 60 cm. - 2013


The Abundance of the Georgian Land - Oil on canvas - 70 x 70 cm. - 2020

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