Jemal Khutsishvili


Jemal Khutsishvili was born on April 18, 1938, in Telavi. He received his secondary education there, at Secondary School Nº 1, which has a 250-year history. In 1955, he began studying at the I. Nikoladze Art School of Tbilisi. He continued his studies at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, before graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1960.The young artist’s work attracted the attention of the general public from the very beginning by presenting original, national motifs, continuing the creative traditions and characteristic colors of the renowned Niko Pirosmanashvili.In 1966, Khutsishvili’s works were exhibited first in Tbilisi, at the State Gallery of Paintings, then in Moscow, at the State Museum of Oriental Art. In addition, in 1966-67, personal exhibitions of the young artist’s works were organized in four different exhibition spaces in Moscow.In 1966, the painter’s hometown Telavi hosted Khutsishvili’s personal exhibition, and in 1967, French National television showed footage of his personal exhibition at the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.After a pause, in 1977, another personal exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, and in 1986, 20 years after the first personal exhibition, Jemal Khutsishvili’s personal exhibition was held again in the State Gallery of Paintings of Georgia. This exhibition reflected a new stage in the artist’s career.In 1988 and 1989, his personal exhibitions were organized at the Sh.Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia. In 2000, the artist presented his work to the public again in the exhibition space of the same Art Museum. That year, the artist’s work was also exhibited in the building of the Patriarchate of Georgia.Jemal Khutsishvili was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Georgia in 1984.Khutsishvili’s works are kept in the Sh. Amiranashvili Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, in the National Gallery of Georgia in Tbilisi, in the Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art, in the State Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow, and in various Georgian museums and galleries, as well as in the Gallery of Contemporary Artists in Paris and private collections throughout Georgia, Russia, Europe, and USA.Jemal Khutsishvili continues his creative career presenting landscapes of his native country, compositions of an ethnographic character, and images of urban life, all of which are imbued with great warmth and a positive mood. 

Pirosmani with roe deer - Oil, Wood - 78 x 55 cm. - 1980


Alekseevka village - Pastel, Cardboard - 39 x 57 cm. - 1993

Winter in the village - Oil, Cardboard - 33 x 42 cm. - 2005

Vendor of watermelons - Oil, Canvas - 70 x 50 cm. - 1970

Landscape of Imereti - Oil, Cardboard - 33 x 42 cm. - 2007

Abandoned house - Oil, Canvas - 49 x 69 cm. - 2003

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