Margarita Metreveli


Professor Margarita Metreveli (1913-1984) Margarita Metreveli (née Atskvereli) was born on June 22, 1913, in Tbilisi. Margarita met her future husband, Shota Metreveli, at school in 1928. In 1932, Margarita began to attend the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, from which she graduated in 1938. During her studies at the Academy, her teachers counted academician Mose Toidze, and such famous artists as Joseph Charleman, David Kakabadze, and Lado Gudiashvili.From 1939 to the end of her life, Margarita Metreveli participated in various group exhibitions in Georgia and different cities of the USSR, as well as in Europe. It is impressive that in 1944, despite the war, the State Art Gallery of Georgiain support of the ongoing active cultural life of the country hosted an exhibition of Margarita and her husband Shota.In her work, Margarita Metreveli follows the artistic manner of her teacher Mose Toidze, paying great attention to colour. Along with realism, impressionism plays an important role in her work, giving expressiveness to the artist’s painting.A great place in the work of Margarita Metreveli, as well as that of her husband Shota Metreveli, is occupied by compositions depicting the nature and historical monuments of Georgia, episodes from the history of Georgian culture, and portraits of outstanding people, who are “revived” by the artist relying on her own memories. The artist’s manner is distinguished by a broad, rich stroke, making her compositions particularly expressive.Like her husband, who was an Honored Artist of Georgia, Margarita Metreveli was for many years a professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts.Her paintings are kept in various museums throughout Georgia, and in private collections in Georgia, Russia, Europe and America.Margarita Metreveli passed away on July 22, 1984. Husband and wife are buried side-by-side in the Mukhatgverdi Pantheon of Public Figures in Tbilisi.Lado Gudiashvili, Merab, Shota, and Margarita Metreveli.

Women near river - Oil, Canvas - 84 x 104 cm. - 1980


Old Tbilisi - Oil, Canvas - 50 x 70 cm. - 1957

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